Everything I Need to know about Aftermarket Truck Beds

In the market to add something a little more durable to your truck? From different materials to numerous brands, you have the option to make your truck even more customizable than you imagined.  Make sure you have all the details of your truck bed you wish you amend, the size, and the dimensions. Also, make sure to let the dealership know of what you will be using it for and what material you will need the truck bed to be made out of. Here are some brands to look into when searching for your aftermarket truck bed.


PJ Trailers has several truck beds to choose from. Standard Steel, Utility Steel, Standard Skirt Aluminum and more. These truck beds are made to last several years no matter what you plan to tow.  These specific truck beds have a cab profile headache rack, a contoured rear bumper and a beautiful painted finish.  They come in different sizes for each specific trailer to truly customize your truck.  Look for stop, turn, and back up lighting in skirt. And you can inquire about option features such as a front tool box, backup camera and monitor, super duty head rack, and different treads.


CM Truck Beds is also a great brand to look at. They have several different models that are built for the toughest jobs! For instance, are you looking for a lightweight, fuel efficient alternative to steel? They have the SBA model available. If you need something for heavy duty jobs, check out the ER truck beds. These beds were designed with the strongest materials out there! Look for features such as a 4” Structural Steel channel frame rail, 30,000 lb. rated B&W gooseneck hitch with a 7-way electrical plug, an aluminum side rail cap, and an 18,500 lb. Rated bumper pull hitch. We are talking HEAVY DUTY with these steel trailers. Not only do they get the job done, but they look sleek and attractive while you drive! 


Things to consider when buying an aftermarket truck bed

Ask yourself what you plan to use your truck and the truck bed for. Do you need a sturdy, strong material, or do you need it to be a bit more flexible? Where do you plan to drive and will weather play a factor into what type of truck bed you need to buy? You should also know that each manufacturer has at least 10-30 different beds to choose from where you can look at materials, lights, safety aspects, cameras, towing capabilities, and overall durability. Check out the different lengths, widths, CA, Runners and always read additional notes in the order method.


If you have more questions, contact our team or check out our site.We work with several different brands so that our customers have options in finding exactly what they want and what they need for their trucks. Depending on the type of truck you have, size, and additional features previously added, we will work with you to find the best match!

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