The Information You Need to Select the Right Enclosed Trailer

Are you looking for the perfect enclosed trailer but not sure where to start? With all of the different manufacturers and brands on the market, it can be hard to know what to look for. Not only do you have to do your research on the different types of trailers, but you have to know what the features of it are. Do you prefer steel or aluminum, small or big, new or used? Start thinking of these things when you begin your search!

What Are You Using It For?

Consider the size and weight of whatever you will be hauling. But when doing this, you have to look at the trailer in its entirety. From the frame, axels, wheels, and overall structure, you can start to determine if it is the right fit. Are you planning on hauling heavy equipment, machinery, ATV’s or other smaller items? You must also understand that different enclosed trailers are made for different things. Cars, motorcycles, equipment, landscaping and moving trailers are all different sizes! Do you need steps or ramps leading up to the trailer? The beauty of an enclosed trailer is that typically, it is extremely customizable! What will you do with yours?

Consider Different Sizes

So, we know that there are different sizes of enclosed trailers to check out... But what are those sizes and what do you need for your belongings? A car hauler trailer is anywhere from 8.5 feet in width to over 16 feet long. If you plan to take your motorcycle, you will need a 7’x14’ tandem axle. Now, if you plan to haul heavy equipment, you are going to need a trailer that ranges from 12-16 feet. Landscaping trailers can vary. A lot of them are open, but a lot of these companies used an enclosed trailer to protect mowers, weed whackers and more against the elements.  


If you want something that you can truly make your own, an enclosed trailer is the way to go. It allows you to get that blank canvas for you to work with. However, if you are buying used or want something that already has some great features, you may want to take a look to see what some of your options are. This also goes along with what you plan to use it for. Machinery, equipment, may just need the space. But if you plan to haul personal belongings or use it for a workspace, it may look and feel entirely different.

Some common features that people look for in an enclosed trailer are:


-A ramp




-Wood flooring


-Double Doors in back

-A fold down ramp gate

-Air conditioning

And more! All of these things not only make your loading, hauling and traveling easier, but it also adds so much value to your trailer. You can choose to buy your trailer blank and add these additions or call around and see what trailers are already partially or fully decked out!

What is your budget?

Now this is more a primary question you have to ask yourself before you even start looking. Enclosed trailers can definitely vary in price depending on the size, condition, and the features that it has. It is very important that you get a quality trailer and going around that too much can be detrimental to the usefulness of it in the future. Check out your local dealership where you can find several new and used trailers that are in your budget and have the features that you are looking for.

Have questions? As you should! Always have your list of questions ready before a big purchase such as this. When you go to buy an enclosed trailer, ask all the questions you have to ensure that you are getting what you need. Everything from the hitch of the trailer to the extensive features that you are interested in are important things to find out and learn about. Good luck on finding your perfect enclosed trailer!

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