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Diamond K Sales is proud to offer products from Wickum Weld, a renowned manufacturer of truck accessories. Wickum Weld, founded by Jarrod Wickum, started as a welding service in 2012 and later transitioned into manufacturing truck accessories. Since incorporating as Wickum Weld Inc. in 2015, their mission has been to design, build, and produce the highest quality truck accessories in the industry.

Wickum Weld's commitment to excellence is evident in their dedication to exceptional customer service, superior quality, and operating with integrity. Their products, including headache racks, cab racks, truck tool boxes, class 8 racks, flatbed trucks, and aluminum tool boxes, are designed to meet the needs of truck owners and operators. Wickum Weld takes pride in their Made in the USA status, supporting the local economy and ensuring the highest standards of craftsmanship.

Wickum Weld continuously strives to exceed expectations, embracing new technology and ideas to stay at the forefront of the industry. These values align closely with Diamond K Sales' commitment to providing high-quality products and exceptional service to customers.

Diamond K Sales is proud to offer Wickum Weld products because of their dedication to excellence, their strong core values, and their focus on designing and manufacturing top-of-the-line truck accessories. Wickum Weld's commitment to customer satisfaction and their track record of superior quality make them a trusted partner. Customers can rely on Diamond K Sales to provide Wickum Weld's top-notch products and experience the benefits of their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Popular Wickum Weld Cab Racks & Truck Tool Boxes for Sale at Diamond K Sales

Find the Perfect Wickum Weld Tool Box

Experience ultimate quality and durability with Wickum Weld tool boxes. The Wickum Weld tool box for light trucks is a great investment, constructed using long-lasting marine-grade aluminum, ensuring they withstand the test of time. The innovative Maveric™ hinge design allows for a full-size lid with a zero-clearance opening, providing convenient access to your tools. These tool boxes also feature a sliding and removable aluminum tray with dividers, allowing for customizable storage solutions. The automotive-style dual-stage rotary latching lid, combined with gas shocks, ensures secure closure and smooth operation.

As for the Wickum Weld tool box selection for Class 8 vehicles, they are just as meticulously crafted. With True 1/8" marine-grade aluminum they deliver exceptional durability. Like the light truck tool box, the Class 8 Wickum Weld tool box design includes the Maveric™ hinge design. This provides a full-size lid and a zero-clearance opening for easy tool access. The unique hinge design allows for effortless interchangeability and removal of the lid, adapting to your specific needs. Trust in the reliability and strength of our Class 8 tool boxes for secure storage and efficient organization of your tools.

Choose the Right Wickum Weld Cab Rack

Experience the exceptional quality and functionality of a Wickum Weld cab rack. Wickum Weld designs a cab rack for light trucks and Class 8 vehicles. They are expertly crafted with a signature oval tube using long-lasting marine-grade 5052 aluminum alloy. Their unique panels are interchangeable and removable, providing flexibility for future adaptations. Select the length that suits your needs, ranging from 24 inches up to 99 inches. Enhance your Wickum Weld cab rack with accessories like lumber ears, beacon plates, and lights. Maximize customization possibilities with their exclusive Wickum Weld clamps, allowing versatile positioning anywhere on the rack.

Find the Wickum Weld Cab Rack that Fits

Wickum Weld cab racks fit various truck models, including Ford pickups from 1999 to current (including Super Duty models), Chevy pickups from 1992 to current (including 1500, 2500, and 3500 models), Dodge pickups from 1994 to current (including Dodge RamBox models), Toyota Tacoma pickups from 1994 to current models, and Toyota Tundra pickups from 2006 to current models. Contact our sales department if your pickup model is not listed; we can order a customized cab rack for you.

Find a Class 8 Wickum Weld Headache Rack

Crafted from durable marine-grade aluminum for long-lasting performance, the Wickum Weld headache rack features a heavy-duty I-beam construction and robust gusset design. The hidden weld design ensures a sleek and seamless appearance. Equipped with a high-capacity chain hanger bucket and a convenient bolt-on beacon plate, it offers versatility and practicality. The Class 8 cab racks provide added strength and stability. Made with True 1/8" marine-grade aluminum, the Maveric™ hinge design allows for a full-size lid and a zero-clearance opening. You have the option to choose between diamond plate, smooth, or brite finish for the lid material. Additionally, the unique hinge design allows for easy interchangeability and removal of the lid. Find a Wickum Weld headache rack for your rig at Diamond K Sales!

Shop Wickum Weld Truck Tool Boxes & More at Diamond K Sales

Are you searching for a Wickum Weld headache rack or an aluminum truck tool box for sale in Halsey? At Diamond K Sales, we’ve got you covered! Visit our dealership today to see our inventory of Wickum Weld truck accessories as well as our truck beds, trailers, trailer hitches and more!

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